Terms of Use

Voicegiant strives to make your voiceover experience quick and simple.  The following are the Terms and Conditions of the Voicegiant service.

All prices paid for completed spots are considered Buy-out rates. Clients can use the completed spots in any capacity with no restrictions.

All Artists will offer up to 2 re-reads provided there is no script change

ANY changes to a script constitute a new order and will charge accordingly (yes, even a single word change – please proof your spots before placing your order)

Re-read requests may be made for up to 14 days after the completed delivery of the spot

All orders over two minutes with be provided a sample read – the only re-read allowed will be if the delivered spot does not match the sample read.

Turnaround times are set by each individual Voice Artist.  Voicegiant makes every effort to deliver your orders on time.  A missed deadline DOES NOT constitute a refund.  If a voiceover is unable to complete your spot in the allotted time, we will reach out to you to see if you can a) extend the deadline; or b) substitute another artist.

Refunds will ONLY be issued:

  1. Prior to an orders completion
  2. Voice Artist refuses to do a 2nd re-read or a re-read after making a mistake

It is against the Terms of Use of the Voicegiant.com service to exchange ANY contact information with a Voicegiant Voice Talent.  Violating the “No Contact Information Exchange” terms will result in immediate termination of your account.