Each individual Voice Talent sets thier own turn around times and can vary from 1 hour to 12 hours depending on the talent you choose.   Voicegiant does not gaurantee turn around times but will do everything to ensure your order is finshed by your deadline.

Placing an order is simple. Choose the Voice Artist to read your spot by searching our Demo's.  Enter your order details and complete payment.  When your spot is completed your Voice Artist will upload your order and you will be notified via email and/or text message to download your spot.

Voicegiant.com only offers a full refund if the Voiec Artist has not started to record your spot. If the recording has started we must pay our Artists for their services.

Joining the Voicegiant team is simple. Go to the "Join Voicegiant" button on the home page page and submit your information along with your demo and we'll contact you shortly.

Sometimes things don't come back as expected - We get it...

Voicegiant stand behind our services and will offer up to 2 re-reads (without a script change) for orders up to 2 minutes.

For longer reads, the Artists will be asked to provide a sample read for the client to approve.  Once approved the talent will then voice the spot based on the clients approved sample.  A re-read will only be allowed on orders over 2 minutes in the event the talent does not match the approved sample read or for mispronunciations. 

Voicegiant.com does not allow any change to the script once it has been recorded.  Changing even one word will result in a new order.