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Tim Miller

Member Since: 2/18/2020

Turn Around Time: 1 Hour

In Studio: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun : 9am - 10pm

About Me: My voice is corporate, exact, welcoming. Narrations | Commercials | Audiobooks

Gender: Male

Enjoying being a voice talent since 2014, here is just a sample of the work I have been honored to complete: Cracker Barrel, Honey Baked Ham, Macy's, Pepsi, KFC, Comcast, Ace Hardware, Branson Missouri America, Cricket, Dairy Queen, Farm to Fork, First South Credit, , iTunes, Amazon, Audible, Jack In The Box, Legacy Hospice, Toyota, McDonalds, Porsche, Salvation Army, Mercedes Benz, Promise Pediatrics, (Commercials on iHeart Radio, Spinning WHAX radio and many other local and national radio stations). My studio is in the home, professionally equipped. More about my work at www.TMVO.studio Thank you! Tim Miller

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My Voice Styles Include:

  • Warm & Friendly
  • Video Games
  • Trailers
  • Political Spots
  • Narrations
  • Infomercials
  • Deep Voice
  • Concert Voices
  • Commercials
  • Auto Spots
  • Announcer Voice

My Languages Include:

  • English