Available: Yes

Mike Trewhella

Member Since: 1/15/2023

Turn Around Time: 4 Hours

In Studio: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat : 9am - 7pm

About Me: I am a senior British male, with a light Northern accent. I'm told my voice sounds calm, trustworthy, and suitable for most scripts.

Gender: Male

I have been working as a voice artist for over six years, mainly freelancer websites where I have recorded projects for clients all over the world. On one particular site I have a level 2, 5 star status and over 200 completed orders. I have my own good quality studio and do all my own recording and mastering.

No more demos

My Voice Styles Include:

  • Warm & Friendly
  • Video Games
  • Narrations
  • Infomercials
  • Deep Voice
  • Commercials
  • Character Spots
  • British Accents
  • Animations

My Languages Include:

  • English